Canadian Vixen: Laura Jacobs

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A bevy of the sexiest women are often celebrated on this blog and LAURA JACOBS is a temptress we won’t stop gushing about. The beguiling LAURA is a gal who would make us visit Canada in a hurry. She stars in “Muck” as tough gal Desiree, the horrid tale of a group of friends who are sandwiched between two evils during their Cape Cod vacation. Well LAURA will be eye-candy to many viewers, she has the makings of an upcoming Scream Queen. “Muck” is not just about the girls covered in sticky dirt as they try to survive till the final reel for they’re also a little dirty in the flesh-baring department. Well it is a horror movie after all and so flashes of skin comes with the territory. What’s certain is LAURA is an absolute stunner with her perfectly fair skin and the svelte body built for sin. A visit to the LAURA JACOBS OFFICIAL SITE is in order as she exudes a Goddess-like magnetism in every photo. Add her talents as an aspiring chanteuse and you’ll soon be a devotee.

It’s apt that she will appear in the new series “Almost Human” as a SexBot. Not since Austin Powers have we had a life-like robotic seductress but rest assured, LAURA will be a potently desirable one. There’s also “Offed: Muck Prequel” which will see her returning as Desiree which will be intriguing as we find out more about her in the grand scheme of things. Those of who were lucky to be at Stan Lee’s Comikaze recently must have saw her on the panel for “MUCK” where she looks so hot! This is one heavenly lady who is already turning us on and will do so for a very long time…:)

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