Indie Buzz: Filandra starring Rising Starlet Genna Mc’Cohen

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First off a BIG THANK YOU to stunning femmes Marlene Mc’Cohen and Tracy Carr for allowing me the privilege of reviewing their short film “Filandra”. While I’m not going to give away major spoilers, this will be a sneak peek of what audiences can expect. Already “Filandra” is nominated for 5 awards at the Wildrose Film Festival happening this week in Iowa namely:

BEST ACTRESS: Genna Mc’Cohen

If you’ve noticed, Genna Mc’Cohen is the younger sis of the talented Marlene Mc’Cohen and who is steadily forging herself as an accomplished performer. Starring as the titular Filandra, she shows her comedic chops from the oft, giving a sleazy dude the taser treatment…lol! This is the consequence of finding a job in LA which of course cuts pretty close to real life. Marlene plays happy-go-lucky Gina who becomes her fairy princess and leads her on the road to be an aspiring PA to the stars.

It’s not what but rather who stands in her way in the form of the sadistic movie producer ‘James Chavitz.’ On the way she discovers her calling is something unexpected. The road to fame is a rocky one as Filandra discovers but what’s appealing about her is that she’s a genuine article in an industry that we know is full of noise. Plus she’s more than a match for the high and mighty James in the attitude department. There’s a moral to every story so will there a happy ending in the offing for the green yet sincere Filandra?

Viewers will identify with Genna’s performance as she is likable from the first frame and who doesn’t love an adorable personality such as hers. Genna herself is a young actress to keep an eye on in the near future so I’ll probably be writing a separate feature on her. She does have a few upcoming films that straddles everything from horror to comedy. In my world, it’s what will keep us on our toes with fascination!

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