Indie Princess: Paige Lauren Billiot

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The most enchanting indie actresses are genuine sweethearts and one such as PAIGE LAUREN BILLIOT channels such a loving spirit. She can be seen in the multi-award winning “Road To Hell”, a mash of sci-fi and rock ‘n roll with a soldier as the eponymous hero who chances upon killers in a desert setting. Screening at this year’s Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival, this outlandish piece rightly belongs in the list of fantastical flicks baying for our eyeballs. Paige plays a character called Honey Dew which serves as a reminder of her sweetness. This is the first of two movies by low-budget, high-concept visionary director Albert Pyun which PAIGE makes an appearance as she’s also in his upcoming film “Cyborg Nemesis”. Albert is receiving the Indie Genre Spirit Award at the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival, a nod to his work melding kickboxing with post-apocalyptic themes and reflects well on his chosen cast in his movies. For instance, he assembled really gorgeous faces which sees PAIGE joining Michael Pare and Clare Kramer.

Being a woman of multiple talents, one of her new projects is a short she wrote, directed and produced called “Alex”. It’s an allegory on gun control with doesn’t take sides, rather saying that guns is not the only weapon of harm. What a cool concept and you can watch snippets of Alex here: This comely blonde has both the attractive nature, creative mind and dedication to forge a bright future. Can’t wait for the interview with her coming up soon!

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