Indie Princess: Alana Jackler

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Honeys of the indie scene are a draw for the eyes and ALANA JACKLER has expressive yet beguiling features to make us fondly inquisitive. She’s the star of the atmospheric horror flick “The Taking” playing Jade, one of two strangers who are tied up to a tree with each being in the dark about they got into this predicament. Their fates seemingly intertwined and the person/persons responsible being somewhat mysterious, this is one visceral scarefest which runs against the grain of conventionality. Hers is a character-driven role, a grim depiction that’s pretty rare in horror and may not be everyone’s cup of tea. However ALANA confidently executes the material she’s been given with the raw emotion of someone who is in a state of confused fear. Horror may yet be her genre of choice.

Viewers can also catch ALANA on her youtube channel scifiriot which features videos, shows and web series weekly. In collaboration with very bright YouTubers and web creators, it’s a visual fest for sci-fi fans! You also need to visit the ALANA JACKLER OFFICIAL SITE as she has a most fascinating story about her birth which led to her calling as an actress. Keep your eyes peeled on ALANA as she progresses into more dramatic stuff and instil our love for her.

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