Sizzling Cutie: Meredith Riley Stewart


There’s so much to love about actresses who hail from the South and Alabama hottie MEREDITH RILEY STEWART is fascinatingly charming. She may have guest-starred in only one episode of “Devious Maids” but she certainly left a memorable impression on us. Playing Margot Greyson, Judy Reyes’ sexy sidekick who is quite the flirt, it’s no surprise she got hit on in reel life and I’m betting she gets that a lot in real life too. She also exudes the facets of a vintage beauty which it’s easy to acknowledge why she was fitting for a role on “Boardwalk Empire” as a flapper in the 1920s. Just saw how Craig Ferguson telling Lauren Graham that she has cheeky eyes and MEREDITH herself has a pair that’s pretty beguiling. In her short “Keep Me Safe”, she every bit as enticing in a kimono and geisha-style makeup which you can view on her reel (above).

Gives us lots of reasons to visit the MEREDITH RILEY STEWART OFFICIAL SITE to check out her photo gallery! There’s enough to suggest she’ll be loved on accord of her playful smile which just glows. Look out for her in the Leonardo Di Caprio vehicle “The Wolf Of Wall Street” which is directed by one of the greats Martin Scorsese. There’s every opportunity for her to nab a breakthrough role and she could well do so in 2014.

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