Rising Starlet: Natalie Wilemon

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NATALIE WILEMON is a multi-genre actress with the stunning looks and burgeoning indie cred to ignite a sustained fascination. All I say she’s a Goddess in our midst and this is affirmed seeing how she’s already garnered a top 10 award for most “Beautiful Texas Actresses On The Rise” by Texas Stargazer. She’s also one of the busiest actresses around with numerous projects in the pipeline which would enhance her pulling power even more. While “Patient Zero” was the first time I came to know about her, it’s the underground horror flick “The Underneath” that prove she has what it takes to make it big. Playing a new bride (Jessie) who finds herself trapped in a network of underground caves, she steps up to be the heroine in order to save her injured husband. Forced to reach the surface, they soon discover that there’s something much more sinister with a bloodlust for them.

Gorgeous women have shown they’re a force when it comes to portraying dishevelled characters under duress and NATALIE goes from pretty to dirt-covered scruffiness with a consummate ease. The NATALIE WILEMON OFFICIAL SITE is where you can keep track on her career progression especially since she’s sizzling up the indie genre. She does have an amazing figure and the requisite enigmatic hotness to ramp up the infatuation from indie fans. There’s also hints of her sweet nature that’s never forced which everyone knows is now a big draw! In the coming months, NATALIE WILEMON is odds on to be a coveted honey…:)

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