Sizzling Cutie: Christina Elizabeth Smith

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Pretty as a peach, the precious virtues of actress CHRISTINA ELIZABETH SMITH can brighten up any day of the week. Everyone should also take a look at her webseries “Killer Sisters Midnight Hour” as it’s an under-rated gem which mashes goofy comedy and horror lore. One has to say she has a knack for making us giggle as one of two sisters whose diet of horror movies seem to spill over from reel to real life! Being gorgeous and funny are two things she’s blessed with. Plus she’s got such a sweet voice, it’s like you’re having an instant crush for CHRISTINA even if it’s just in your head…:) She’s also set to dazzle as an indie princess in “Ever” as Emily an outgoing and open-minded photographer who enters the life of Ever who has just lost her soulmate. Feelings soon complicate their relationship as their budding lesbian romance gathers traction. This could very well be her breakthrough feature come 2014 since “Ever” has been submitted to various festivals.

One of the best facets about CHRISTINA is that she loves coffee sincere in her belief that caffine is one of the major food groups. So happens the java brew is a craving of mine as well. Engagingly beautiful, she also has an offbeat but endearing sense of humor as can be seen on the CHRISTINA SMITH OFFICIAL SITE. With her being such a darling, expect viewers to form an addiction to her soon too.

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