Sizzling Cutie: Nikki Boyer

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A superstar in her own right, actress/singer/songwriter NIKKI BOYER is undeniably one of the most lovable entertainers of the moment. From being the adorable face of the web’s most watch daily web show, Yahoo!’s “Daytime in No Time” to being the dazzler on “Hello Ross”, NIKKI is already adored by the masses around the globe. As one of her many fans, it’s a blessing indeed to spotlight this most appealing of talents and NIKKI is a delight on every medium she’s on. As a red carpet correspondent for TV Guide Network, she’s rubbed shoulders with megastars and has famously been photobombed by singer Beyonce. Just like how photobombing has become so trendy, NIKKI is herself in fashion. With such a precious smile coupled with her down-to-earth demeanor, she would be favored by anyone who chances upon her, be it celebs or the public. On television, she’s appeared on “90210”, “Lie to Me”, “The L Word” among others, stealing quite a few hearts I gather…:)

She also has an enticing personality that straddles between the sweet and sexy which we all know in this age is quite an addiction. Being enamored of such a beautiful personality is a must and likewise is a visit to the NIKKI BOYER OFFICIAL SITE. Her dynamism to be successful across the spectrum of this industry and juggling acting, singer as well as hosting duties exemplifies her dedication. It’s amazing to see NIKKI becoming an influencer and here today we celebrate a lady who represents the creative femininity that brings so much joy for us all.

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