Rising Starlet: Tasha Ames

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Television has a way of bringing impeccable talents to the fore and the vivacious TASHA AMES is emerging as one who is deserving of ardency. She’s already gaining buzz across numerous media platforms since she will be appearing as the newest lady werewolf on the new series “The Originals”. She does have shades of Buffy The Vampire Slayer in the production photo (above) with the stake in hand but TASHA is set to be enchanting as Eve, a mysterious figure with family ties to fellow werewolf Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin). She is the one whom the Originals Elijah and Rebekah seek out, discovering yet more revelations. Come November 26th all will be unveiled and viewers can soon find out how she fits in the often complicated yet demented universe of vamps, witches and werewolves down in New Orleans! So far TASHA’s confirmed for 2 episodes so fingers crossed she gets an extended run on “The Originals”.

The digital front is also the avenue TASHA has made inroads with her appearances on two web series. The first as Chelsea aka Barbie, an actress on the sitcom “The Blue Line” which takes us behind what goes on during production of a TV Cop drama. She does brilliantly in the skin of someone trashy and promiscuous with that now ubiquitous Jersey accent. The incandescent blonde has also been in the successful web series “Quick Draw”, the gag-filled western spoof of lawmen and outlaws which Hulu has renewed for a Second Season. Besides being an actress, TASHA is also a fitness guru at Hustle & Flow, a boutique fitness studio in Venice, California. Endowed with a myriad of accomplishments, the world is her oyster and expect the endearing TASHA to be followed as well as fancied by a wave of growing admirers. After all, she is an ‘Original’ and a captivating one at that…:)

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