Foxy Femme: Gianna Simone

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Rightly belonging in the pantheon of stunning women, GIANNA SIMONE in on the trajectory of adored talent with that most alluring of presence. She’s known for her supporting role in the sci-fi hit “Star Trek: Into Darkness” where she’s been on the famed bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise in several scenes. If Alice Eve represented the blonde brigade when it comes to sexiness then GIANNA would epitomize the most bewitching of brunettes. It’s no wonder she’s had an accomplished modeling career and while it’s been a joy for her, she did once revealed in her interview she wants to be an actress for life! With such ravishing looks which fascinates at every turn, it’s evident that SIMONE would have no problems juggling both gigs, although secretly we have a wish to see her onscreen most of the time…:) Television is where viewers would be familiar with her having appeared in shows such as “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23” and “Chuck”. She’s also done quite a few short films and as she pops up in even more projects, her star will steadily grow in prominence.

She’s currently finishing up on the horror anthology “The Witching Hour” alongside notable actors such as Tony Todd and Michael Madsen. And what’s a horror flick without the babes as she joins terror cuties such as Seregon O’ Dassey and Sarah Nicklin in four stories of dread certain to send shivers down our spine. SIMONE does have the sheer luminous beauty that makes you want to save her (if indeed she needs rescuing) be it in a horror film or real life. It is the thanksgiving weekend and many will agree we are all lucky to witness the impending rise of the gorgeous starlet that is GIANNA SIMONE.

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