Rising Starlet: Juliette Bennett

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JULIETTE BENNETT is perceptibly sultry and a raving beauty who is at the cusp of a flourishing career. In the thriller “Shame The Devil”, she plays Sarah, a beautiful criminal profiler who teams up with a London detective on the trail of a serial killer. The rutheless psychopath seems to choose victims based on whether they are telling lies and the tension is most unbearable in many of the scenes as the riveting trailer (above) depicts. She does join the likes of screen vixens such as Lily Collins and Emilia Clarke who have that serial addiction we call seductively bushy eyebrows. The best part is whether she’s a blonde or a brunette, JULIETTE is equally desirable with a few reviews praising her as a special talent. Winning the Best Actress Award at the 2011 Manhattan Film Festival would have also been a great endorsement of her impeccable ability to enchant viewers.

JULIETTE is certainly striking the iron while it’s hot and at the right time too. Having also appeared in the gangster flick “White Collar Hooligan 2: England Away”, she’s on a roll with several indie films to come including being in “Don Peyote” which stars Anne Hathaway. Keep you eyes and ears firmly on her by visiting the JULIETTE BENNETT OFFICIAL SITE. In one of the interviews, she cites being courageous as two parallels of life and acting with her fearlessly gravitating towards the challenges both bring. This is just the type of tenacity that will lead her to long-lasting success and make JULIETTE memorable in the eyes of the public.

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