Latin Vixen: Priscilla Garita

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We duly give praise to loveable darlings of the screen and PRISCILLA GARITA warrants amorous recognition. She’s well regarded for playing the “Bad Girl” Gabi Martinez on soap “Sunset Beach”. In her words, it’s definitely more fun being naughty as she was ever the seductive one in most of the episodes! Having read that for Costa Rica in particular where the women are a blend of the sizzling hot and fiery passionate, PRISCILLA has been quite the vixen. Her recent work while tempering her sexy side include appearing near the end of the hit horror flick “Insidious Chapter 2” which seemingly sets up for another installment of the terrifying franchise. She was also on Season 4 of Rizzoli and Isles. In the latter, she played a mother whose daughter’s death has gang-related links. PRISCILLA ably handled the emotional depth required for the part, that of a mother’s grief over a sudden tragedy.

Television continues to lead the way when it comes to the discovery of enchanting talents and with her track record, PRISCILLA is attracting our attention. She’s impressed on popular shows such as “Castle”, “CSI Miami” and even “General Hospital”. It’s been a while since a Latin Sweetheart has graced the Actress Obsession Blog and she’s well placed to win over audiences. This cutie of Costa Rican descent has the beautiful hazel eyes that captivates in no time and very much in the same vein as say Michelle Rodriguez. That could be just the impetus for the beginnings of many admiring moments for PRISCILLA…:)

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