Foxy Femme: Barbara Goodson

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Undeniably one of the sexiest women to have graced the big and small screens, our hearts pine for the saucy BARBARA GOODSON. Best of all, she’s a captivating force on dual media, an aural and visual pleasure having starred in numerous films as well as doing voiceovers for several animated features. Famed for being an enchanting talent in everything she does, BARBARA has captured our imagination for being the voice of Empress Rita Repulsa in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Chiyo from the Naruto Shippuden games. She’s also an anime cult figure with her vocal range spanning across some of the most popular anime and her most recent voiceover work was as Mother Talzin on “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” in addition to being on “The Legend Of Korra”. Personally, I much prefer to see her in the flesh, the piercing sensuality she exudes being a big draw!

If you’re agree that she’s a genuine temptation, then the BARBARA GOODSON OFFICIAL SITE is your next stop. The Demos section is a treasure trove of her many appearances. What stood out is that in an era when we would more likely see her trying to look younger, BARBARA has no qualms to age herself as per the requirement of her role such as in “Killer Granny”. Usint her versatility, she’s all about nailing the part and putting her own distinctive stamp. She’s a fan favorite whenever there’s a convention in town with many wanting her to mimic some of the popular characters she’s played with distinction. Add her personable nature and what you have is one very likable woman. There’s no sign of her slowing down as she navigates her way into our hearts as she has done so often before…:)

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