Ravishing Redhead: Taylor Cathcart

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If you harbor a lifelong attraction to crimson-haired cuties then the intoxicatingly beautiful TAYLOR CATHCART does spark a passionate ardor. It’s the best feeling when actresses I’ve featured here go on to carve our a successful career and garner a big following. Believe me there’s been quite a few, each possessing that special trait to wow us. Whether they gained popularity in the very year they emerged or the next, they can certainly be counted as a bright prospect. TAYLOR herself has all the makings of an actress who can thrive. You may have seen her in “Parenthood” as Nicole, one of the exes of Dax Shepard’s character Crosby Braverman and she can certainly take our breath away! Her luminous smile does remind us of a young Julia Roberts (who we know is legendary in that department) but in her own way, TAYLOR’s kissable lips have an undeniable mesmerizing effect which of course is a huge turn-on. Plus she’s so endearing, having been more than accommodating in providing juicy updates on her career which I’m forever thankful.

She had some intriguing projects lined up including the news that she’s just shot something with Charlie Sheen for a new show that’s still very hush hush! There’s also her upcoming movie coming out “Bigger Than the Beatles”, a biopic tracing the life of Dennis Wilson from the Beach boys and his involvement with Charles Manson. Set in the 60’s, TAYLOR will play Dennis’ wife Carole and will be premiering early next year. Personally, I can’t wait to see the look she has during the Swinging Sixties, the decade of irresponsible excess and flamboyance. It does look like things are getting rosy for her as she also just told me she’s booked a role on the FX comedy series “Legit”. While the future is unwritten for most, sometime in 2014, TAYLOR may soon be the leading lady of a TV pilot.

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