Sizzling Cutie: Claire Gordon-Harper

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Adorable ladies are always on the top of many a list and CLAIRE GORDON-HARPER is pleasingly eye-catching with an incandescent sparkle. Her movie “Echo Dr.” is finally being released in 2014 and mightily intriguing. A futuristic twist on the home invasion theme with a sprinkling of Will Smith’s “I, Robot” is the riveting premise of “Echo Dr.”. With “The Purge” making a killing at the box office, these are just the kind of suspense-laden thrillers we will all enjoy. CLAIRE plays Jessica who is part of the family falling victim to an A.I. security bot that views them as the threat as opposed to being their protector. It’s the case of us humans trying to be too clever with disastrous consequences. Every bit the girl next door, will CLAIRE’s character survive (we secretly want her to come out unscathed)?

She’s also the lead in an independent love story which could signal her calling as a romantic sweetheart namely “Gone Are The Days”. Some may be able to see her as an indie version of a young Justine Bateman (of “Family Ties” fame) which she does embody certain features, more so onscreen than on print. Either way, CLAIRE has the likable factor to garner a steady stream of admirers. What is amazing about Claire is when she conveyed her love to hear all about my story, and how I got involved with this blog. In my eyes, that makes her a rare soul in acting circles, her genuinely affable personality so precious. As is the wealth of updates she’s given me. Have a look:

She recently signed with the across the board (theatrically and commercially) with Abrams Artists Agency. She also recently signed with the wonderful management company “Epic Talent Management” and just wrapped up shooting feature film “Jack Rabbit 29” directed by Kyle Klubal, which will be coming out in 2014. On the horizon is a starring role in a feature film directed by Jorge Ameer called “Medusa.” Here is the fb page Is this a modern re-telling of the monstrous creature of Greek lore??

CLAIRE has also just finished filming the teaser to raise funding for a feature film called “The Average Girl’s Guide to Suicide” directed by Lauren Jean Schwartz. She’s really excited for this upcoming pilot season and can’t wait for the challenges and adventures that lie ahead of her. Along with doing various independent short films, which are currently making the festival circuit, she recently finished shooting “Long Distance the Webseries” That will be coming out early next year as well. CLAIRE GORDON-HARPER could well be heading for even bigger things!

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