Indie Princess: Kim Hamilton


It’s natural to extol the exquisiteness of an actress and the serenely beautiful KIM HAMILTON gets our vote of approval. If there’s one cutie who would look amazing in a ‘Selfie’, KIM would be that very gal. Judging from the trailer of her film “Club Dead” (above), she’s just as fetching onscreen too. Additionally, it doesn’t matter what style of hair she wears, KIM is quite the fair maiden. In “Club Dead”, she sports a medium wavy do that should confirm her sweetheart status. Playing Vida who together with her group of friends soon discover Hollywood’s hottest night spot, Club Dead is the playground for denizens of the night who have a penchant for bloodletting. Hungry Vampires are actually running the club and are about to add unfortunate clubbers to their menu. Coincidentally, “Club Dead” happens to be the title of Book 3 in the Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood chronicles! Great minds of vamp paraphernalia really do think alike. It will be fascinating to see if Kim’s character does end up as an undead.

In 2009, KIM appeared in “Stolen Lives”, the crime drama with Mad Men’s hunky Jon Hamm in the lead. Chances are that must have been a memorable experience. Having seen her reel, I’ve noticed she’s more than capable of adopting varying accents and infusing those lilts with attitude. KIM’s upcoming feature “Dude, Where’s My Dog?!” which also stars Kevin Farley, the brother of the late genius comic Chris Farley will have her in more familial surroundings and threading on softer ground. Don’t you love that indie actresses can comfortably move from one genre to another and still be an image of captivation. KIM is a lovable talent whom we should all keep in our adoring crosshairs.

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