Sizzling Cutie: Katie Johnson

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An enchanting muse across a range of mediums, KATIE JOHNSON is a delectable talent with an expectant buzz swirling about her. Playing a hooker with an overpowering predilection for dance, she’s all tempting, all intoxicating in her scenes in David LaChapelle’s campaign for Happy Socks. Fusing elements of Flashdance and The Exorcist, the video has its own psychedelic vibrancy that’s nothing like what you’ve seen before. What is billed as an anti-commercial, it’s outlandish yet thought-provoking and kudos to KATIE for giving us the far-out glimpses of her ‘musical prostitute’ character clad in Scandinavian socks. Actually it was her first photo with David LaChapelle that landed her on the cover of Photo Magazine, kickstarting things on her way to becoming a performer. As a model, she’s been in Vogue Italia, The Musee D’Orsay, and even the Annenberg Space for Photography here in Beverly Hills. Being part of the indie art world has seen her at the fore of some of the most amazing artistic shoots. I love that’s she forging her own identity, beguiling us with her own cultured finesse.

She’s informed me that modeling comes from the same place as acting, only that she has just one frame to tell the emotional truth of the story. Her web series “Adult Sorority: SuperFriends” is a light hearted parody of the perceptions of female culture. It proudly boasts a dynamic female cast, crew, and writers’ room. She also has a film shooting this spring called “” with the tease being ‘Can two hopeless romantics find true love on a website for infidelity?’. Sounds a lot like illicit relationships on Ashley Madison!

Because I’m a huge fan of anything and everything about Roswell, KATIE also starred in “PROJECT 12”, a 1960’s Area 51 “found footage” thriller. It managed to win Best Picture last summer at the Roswell International Film Festival – a place that knows a thing of two about aliens. Another intriguing fact about KATIE is that she was born in Taipei, Taiwan before emerging as the most fascinating Southern Belle she is right now by way of being raised in Tennessee. She’s already charmed a cross section of people and could soon spread her loveliness around the world.

Visit the KATIE JOHNSON OFFICIAL SITE and be wowed by her creative endeavors.

The KATIE JOHNSON FACEBOOK FAN PAGE has a collection of photos that deserves admiration.

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