Rising Starlet: Julianne Michelle


JULIANNE MICHELLE is an award-winning actress with the resonating presence to enchant eyes as well as the mind. Her mesmerizing doe eyes makes her as much a honey as she is a fascinating actress. The award she won was for Best Actress in the feature film The House Is Burning which also starred Melissa Leo. I came across JULIANNE while watching the Japanese horror remake “Apartment 1303” where she shared screen time with one of my favorite actresses Misha Barton. Not forgetting the legendary Rebecca De Mornay, that’s 3 of the hottest ladies from a different generation. “Apartment 1303” may have been the first horror film she’s done but she nailed the part of Jenny Slate who is on the cusp of independence and moving into her own apartment, escaping her emotionally unhinged mother. Things don’t quite turn our so rosy and a troubling wave of terror starts taking a toll when a nefarious spirit invades her abode. Many a viewer may have designs to save her (which of course we can’t) as she depicts the growing fear of her character with consummate confidence.


Psychological horror has been the genre where JULIANNE shines and she’s set to replicate her success in the upcoming feature “Awakened”, this time more along the lines of a thriller than the chilling supernatural. She is also slated to play Anne in the upcoming film “Wake” with Mira Sorvino and Kathy Baker and is scheduled to begin filming “Reaching from Above” with Christian Slater and Dominique Swain early next year. With Sundance merely a week and a half away, it would have been nice to see MICHELLE grace the film festival and for her to be anointed an indie princess. JULIANNE may not have a screening of her film there but keep her in mind by visiting the JULIANNE MICHELLE OFFICIAL SITE. If there’s one actress who could steadily reach the pinnacle of the industry, JULIANNE is decidedly one to watch.

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