Most Delectable TV Vixens In 2014

1. Briana Lane in “Switched At Birth”


– She will be appearing in “Switched At Birth” and from the first episode “Drowning Girl”, her character Christy Salz is already pushing quite a few buttons.
– Briana has consistently caught the eye on some of the biggest shows namely “Anger Management”, “Hawaii Five-O” and “The New Normal”.
– Besides being revered on TV, she will be seen in the upcoming comedy “Oliver, Stoned” where we get to see her comedic chops.

2. Stephanie Tobey in “Cougar Town”


– Watch her shine in the episode “Like A Diamond” from the newest season of “Cougar Town” and her swoon-worthy green eyes is certain to captivate.
– It was the ensemble indie horror “The Shower” that unveil her as an upcoming talent and she’s expected to get more coverage with her role on a hit series such as “Cougar Town”.
– I’m blessed to be her fan for Stephanie has graciously linked the feature I wrote on her on her official site and that’s a gesture to be remembered. She’s a real darling!

3. Kaitlyn Black & Mallory Moye in “Hart Of Dixie”

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– As Annabeth and Wanda respectively, Kaitlyn and Mallory have kept us glued to our TVs as they dazzled us with their distinctively fascinating Southern charm.
– I’m in awe of these two ladies for even though they are stars in their own right, both have been the embodiment of pleasantness, their warmth a boon for fans of “Hart Of Dixie”.
– Embodying beauty and humbleness, the sweetness of Kaitlyn and Mallory has me adoring them to no end, much like how viewers have fallen in love with them.

4. Jordan Hayes in “Helix”


– Jordan is one of Canada’s fastest blossoming talents and her genuine girl next door attractiveness is a magnet for adoration as she shows on the new series “Helix”.
– One of the best line so far was “You look like 15” alluding to the youthfulness of Dr Sarah and by virtue Jordan herself. She does happen to be strikingly adorable…:)
– The question on everyone’s lips is whether Jordan’s character be the Final Girl in this terrifying series or has she been infected and is actually hallucinating! Follow the whole season.

5. Lotte Munk in “Bron”


– Set to be a global star, LOTTE stars in Season 2 of “Bron” which we know has already spawned a remake starring Diane Kruger.
– She has a recurring role as Caroline Brandstrup-Julin, head of an EU climate conference who almost falls into temptation with a gigolo set up by her sister.
– If you don’t know by now, Lotte is certainly one of the sexiest actresses to emerge form Denmark and she’s a picture of allure onscreen as you will find out in “Bron”.

2 thoughts on “Most Delectable TV Vixens In 2014

    1. Hello! Yeah Helix is the thing meets 28 days later on a small screen. And Jordan Hayes is in a complex role as Dr Sarah. Don’t miss it on SYFY..;)

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