Sundance Film Fest 2014 Spotlight: Indie Princess Adrienne Wehr

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With a creative instinct that should be applauded, Adrienne Wehr is beautifully diverse in everything she does. A cross between Sharon Stone and Olivia Newton-John, Adrienne should see admiring glances coming her way, more so since she’s also a wearer of many hats. Producer, filmmaker, actress, educator…she’s done the lot and is already an award winner for her indie feature “The Bread My Sweet”. She is also the recipient of the prestigious Opal Award, granted by Women in Film and Media, for outstanding achievement and visionary excellence. Sundance has done a great job of featuring the works of women from print to screen and it’s no surprise to see Adrienne getting the chance to shine at this year’s revered festival.

She is one of the stars in the 70s romantic drama “The Immaculate Reception” that melds the infamous playoff game between the Steelers and the Raiders whilst taking us on the coming of age journey of an adolescent boy. Expect the “American Hustle” look among the charismatic players of the film as we are given a taste of how life and love blossomed in the hard-working steel town of Pittsburgh, PA. Adrienne is often referred to as a multi-disciplinary performing artist and her indie background adds to her being a fascinating watch irrespective of medium. In fact, in a play titled Without Ruth which ran in 2013, she was commended for bringing a lot of emotional dimension to her role. Having achieved success outside of the Hollywood mould, it won’t be long before Adrienne gains even more recognition.

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