Rising Starlet: Andrea Monier

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Well-regarded as a wonderful actress and producer, Andrea Monier is equally an eye-catching talent. Just from her pics (above) Andrea is indeed able to be a temptation much like how Alexandra Daddario has done this past week on TV. I have to say Andrea has those similar mesmerizing eyes that attracts and keeps us fixated. As we’ve seen, found footage flicks have been the rage and has seen a bevy of beauties being feted for essaying intriguing female roles who come to the fore. “The Black Water Vampire” is a horror flick which ANDREA is starring in and has the “Blair Witch Project”-like feel to scare your wits right out. She stars as Andrea Adams who brings her film crew to investigate the cause of women turning up dead and their corpses drained of blood near Black Water Creek. There’s a lot of screaming in the bleak snow as they soon discover something primal with an insatiable blood lust. Is it a Giant Bat, a Human/Bat Hybrid or a Vampire? With the movie’s impending release on DVD and VOD on January 21, 2014, horror fans will soon find out the origins of the evil creature!

She also wrapped an adventure horror called “Day of the Mummy” where she filmed in New Mexico. In the coming months, Andrea is also producing and is hard at work in development with a couple of features in 2014. The ANDREA MONIER OFFICIAL SITE is worth a visit and who knows there might be nuggets of info to read up on. What’s awesome about Andrea is that she follows her heart over her brain, having already seen how movies affect people and she’s effectively translated the emotional core into all her endeavors. Behind or in front of the camera, the dazzling Andrea has demonstrated her appealing potential and could be in line for a period of admiration.

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