Canadian Vixen: Daiva Johnston

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Women with distinctive beauty are often received with adoration and Daiva Johnston is one of the most fascinating faces to have emerged from Canada. Her mesmerizing eyes and bone structure are enough to leave you entranced, as such Daiva is being feted here. Some of the most beautiful women have graced the Victorian-period drama “Murdoch Mysteries” and Daiva’s bewitching looks adds a mystique to proceedings. She is reprising her role in the upcoming episode “The Murdoch Sting” as Eva Pearce who back in 2013 was a flirty temptation for Yannick Bisson’s Detective William Murdoch as he was questioning her. Watch the sexy clip (above) where she gets him hot under the collar and manages to break down his steely guard. Most of us would too when presented with a woman in the form of the luscious Daiva disrobing in front of us…:) This does beg the question that seeing Daiva in a expanded capacity on “Murdoch Mysteries” is worth waiting for and come Monday, 27th Jan, expect her to be a beguiling vision once more.

On film, she played the teenage version of Carrie-Anne Moss’s character Saffron in “Compulsion” who happens to be a struggling actress. The dark comedy which also starred Heather Graham is a slight towards the pressures so often faced by actresses by the public and/or their kin. It is truly a competitive industry so kudos to Daiva for taking up such a challenge. As she continues to get exposure from both film and television projects, 2014 may yet turnout to be her breakthrough year…:)

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