Canadian Vixen: Natalie Roy

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Canadian sweethearts are ruling TV Land this week and Natalie Roy has all the facets of a starlet on the rise. She is making her American primetime debut in Season 2 of “The Following”, having been on Canadian primetime television several times. Natalie gave me tidbits of what it was like working with Kevin Bacon who plays Ryan Hardy. She tells of the laid back nature of Kevin and how he had such a cool easy going vibe. He even joked with the cast between takes, being soft spoken, kind and sweet. According to Natalie, Sweet like Good Bacon!

Here’s some juicy details from the vivacious Natalie on her stint on the show: “The Following was so awesome to work on. Sam Underwood is such a great addition to the already superb cast. He is hilarious and wonderful in person and ever so creepy in this role. The whole cast was just excellent and the show is so good. I was a huge fan going in. Our director Josh Butler has a very unique eye as well so the shots really get under your skin creepy.”

Natalie has also appeared in another hit Canadian series which is none other than “Murdoch Mysteries”! She played Eliza, Murdock’s fiance who passed away and then they questioned if it was sickness or if perhaps foul play. Since she came to New York from Canada a few years ago, Natalie has been been splitting her time between theatre, Film/TV as well as various auditions and even playing broadway softball. Many are singing her praises as you can see on the NATALIE ROY OFFICIAL SITE. She does have those likable features which together with her soulfulness will install her as a captivating treat for the eyes. She’s also a published author and her book “30” features the 30 most important lessons she learnt in her first 30 years of life. It features many stories of bad auditions, embarrassing moments and all the good stuff life is made of. I’m sure many will love her honesty!

She’s also been working in development of a few musical projects that are really exciting, one being a new musical featuring the music of Air Supply. Natalie is happy living in New York and taking it all in…the acting life, auditioning, enjoying the amazing energy and opportunity of this city. She is always looking for a new project and her craving to be on set is much like how most people crave chocolate. On the career front, she’s looking forward to her first pilot season and she loves that as an actress, she gets to live each day knowing at any minute the phone could ring and her life could change, just like that. Her view is that it’s the best job in the world, if you could even call it one. Her dream at the moment is to work on a period piece either on stage or film, something Boardwalk Empire-esk. Having read a glowing review detailing, in particular, her impressive ability to emote at a level that makes us feel her pain and her joy, she may yet be a coveted actress in the months ahead.

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