Indie Princess: Monique Carmona

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Writer/Director/Producer/Actress Monique Carmona is a shining light of this industry, as much a creator as she is a storyteller. Her passion to entertain us with intriguing stories alone should garner her ardent support and might I add Monique has a sense of humor too as you shall soon see! She’s super thrilled to have launched her kickstarter campaign for her short film “Forgive Me“. She teases that her creation will be hilarious yet engaging and judging by her Kickstarter video, it does titillate. What better than to see her and her team strip naked to get people excited for her project. Well before you get any ideas…or maybe you should…hehe. “Forgive Me” is actually going to be a dark, suspenseful drama which I can envision a genre Monique will be captivating in. She’s been praised for giving depth to the characters she takes on and has a unique spin on things in that everything connects. Read more here:

Just like my many actress friends, Monique has a patience that should be commended as she’s given me tons of updates on her wonderful career and only now have I featured her here on this blog. For me, it’s a happy problem as I get to be in touch and highlight very special women. Monique is after all a fast rising director meriting love and recognition.

She is doing some casting in the next two weeks for one of the leads so she wants the ladies to know there’s ample opportunities with it being a SAG project. “Forgive Me” is a project written, starring and directed by Women! So get going and do a meaningful contribution so we can see Monique’s film be brought to life. Spark interest and fund it here:

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