Aussie Vixen: Allira Jaques

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Oh how we adore our indie darlings and Allira Jaques is a gorgeous up and coming Australian actress on the cusp of admirable attention. She is one of the gems in “Daddy’s Little Girl” which has now just been released in Australia and the Oz, a DVD release in Aust, and a VOD release in the US. Allira plays Stacey, Georgia’s mother in the film in what was her second feature film. Previously she had already worked with the director Chris Sun before on his first (which was her first acting gig) on ‘Come and Get Me”. What stood out for her was despite it being green at acting, Chris gave her a shot and then asked her back for “Daddy’s Little Girl”. It was the role which Allira pushed really hard for and came to the realization she could excel in it. She’s very proud of DLG, and it’s great that people are getting to appreciate the film now and in her home country as well!

Allira reminds me of fellow Australian actress Hanna Mangan Lawrence (she was featured here) who also starred in an indie thriller “Acolytes” before making a name for herself in the TV series “Spartacus: War of the Damned”. It so happens Hanna also hails from New South Wales as does Allira. With Allira’s enchanting facets, there’s every chance she could hit her own heights of popularity. She’s already won two awards, the Australian Screen Industry Network, Best Actress, 2012 and Melbourne Underground Film Festival, Best Actress, 2012 for her riveting performance in “Daddy’s Little Girl”.

She’s now filming a new Australian horror flick called “Charlie’s Farm”. This is part of a 4 film franchise and the director hopes to create Australia’s first iconic killer. The exciting thing for her is mixing it up with some well-known American named talent. She will star alongside Tara Reid (American Pie, The Big Lebowski, Van Wilder), Nathan Jones (Mad Max: Fury Road, Troy, The Condemned) who is cast to play Charlie and there’s also horror greats Bill Moseley (Devils Rejects) as well as Kane Hodder (Friday The 13th, Jason Vorhees). Allira belives that having them is not only great for the film and the industry in Australia, it’s also a boon for actors like herself who are pushing up the ladder to carve a career. Working with Tara on the movie became a great learning experience for Allira.

Here are some bites of Allira talking about her aspirations:

“I take every opportunity I can at this early stage of my career and I hope to get better and better. I study the industry in my spare time and even non acting related areas of film making. Chris Sun has been amazing giving me opportunities to show my talents and I am very grateful. Charlie’s Farm will be a challenge for me and I can’t wait to get started. After this film, I plan to go to the US and work. Australians make some great films, but there is not a lot of work here and much more opportunities overseas.

I love what I do and love being involved with making films that audiences will love. I keep making sure I am better than the last time and that I learn where ever i can. Its a hard industry to crack and as long as i stay true to myself I will be okay. I am a very loyal person, extremely family orientated and have a great support network, so I am lucky. Also having starting acting, I have found out things about myself that I never knew!! Acting is fun, its hard, its scary and its exhilarating, I love every second! Actors get to step into the shoes of someone else for a while and experience what life is like for that person, whether good or bad. I like that.”

Watch this space as Allira could well be a future star!

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