Santa Barbara Film Festival Spotlight: Foxy Femme Lynn Moore

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From her goddess lips and infinite radiance, Lynn Moore does possess the kind of beauty we so often have an affinity for. She does belong to the select group of women whose attractiveness is palpable be it onscreen, photos and even real life. It will become clear that Lynn is also more than just a pretty face. You’ll be able to catch her in the quirky indie comedy “Chu and Blossom” which screens on 31st Jan. “Chu and Blossom” is a tale of opposites, one a giant of a korean exchange student and the other a performance artist who bond together when he arrives in the US. Got to love that the female cast hails from a myriad of countries with Aussie actress Caitlin Stasey and NZ leading lady Melanie Lynskey expected to shine. In similar fashion, this could be the film to give the necessary exposure for Lynn.

After watching the suspense-laden trailer (above) of her upcoming feature “Anagram”, Lynn’s handling of the twisted themes and psychological terrors will show her potential. She plays Daphne Langley, a desperate women who stumbles from one bad situation to another that’s about to get even worse. Her idea of salvation quickly go south as she goes from harbored fugitive to captive slave by a madman. With such a tellingly gripping performance, we can’t wait to see more of Lynn!

Remember to drop by the LYNN MOORE OFFICIAL SITE for more info.

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