Rising Starlet: Ariana Madix

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We can’t say no to delectable blondes especially when they come in the exquisite presence of actress/model ARIANA MADIX. Photogenic Princess would be one of the compliments I would not hesitate to bestow her as she’s attractive on so many levels. However nothing beats plaudits from a fellow actress who went to college together with Ariana in the South and lived in NYC together before her move to LA two years ago. This lovely friend of hers has nothing but praises for her, recently telling me how funny and smart Ariana is…:) In a recent interview @ Flower Gypsies Q&A with Ariana: http://www.flowergypsies.com/answers-from-ariana-madix/ when asked what’s her hidden talent, she replied ‘Parallel Parking Master’! She certainly has a wicked sense of humor…:) Reality TV addicts will have already fawn over her thanks to her appearance in Season 2 of “Vanderpump Rules”. She is by far one of the cutest blondes since Kristin Cavallari (who emerged first in “Laguna Beach and then “The Hills”) and Ariana could soon be regarded as a Reality TV star herself. Together with Scheana Marie who is her best friend, they are making life complicated in West Hollywood, California.

On the independent scene, after roles in “The Dead Want Women” and “Attack of the 50ft Cheerleader”, she’s on the way to meatier roles. Expect her to sizzle alongside Michael Madsen in “Dirty Dealing 3D” and Vivica A. Fox in “Dead End”. She’s known for her dry wit and delightful cheekiness giving ARIANA that extra enigmatic allure. Even on youtube she’s caught the eye several times as the muse of some of the funniest videos on CollegeHumor. Infatuation can’t come soon enough for this soon to be screen sweetheart.

6 thoughts on “Rising Starlet: Ariana Madix

  1. She is the coolest girl on the show by far and the only one I’d want for a friend because she seems like she is her own person. Wow, a girl who actually thinks for herself. I hope we see more of her if there’s another season. She needs to be careful of Kristen though. That girl is a long way from sane.

    1. Thanks for the insight! Hope I get to meet her in person. I’m blessed to be able to write about Ariana because she is fascinating!

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