Santa Barbara Film Festival Spotlight: Foxy Femme Claudia Graf


Enticingly easy on the eyes, Claudia Graf is a German-born beauty with those expressive features many of us will take an amorous liking to. What is also amazing about Claudia is that she considers herself to be an actress with freedom who is ready to take risks. For some that is how a performer embodies the nuances of a role and with Claudia, she aims to connect with the audience as much as possible. If you’re in Santa Barbara, look out for Claudia in the short “A Letter Home” which star Aussie trailblazer Adelaide Kane who is currently on “Reign” as Mary Queen Of Scots. Claudia previously starred in another short called “Iris” set in the future about a woman who sells her body in order to obtain an I.D. to enhance her status in society. “Iris” graced numerous festivals such as Cannes and ShriekFest, amassing a number of awards. Claudia proved her mettle by creating a memorably multi-layered character with just limited screen time. The Sci-Fi genre does have its humanistic stories and kudos to Claudia for bringing them to life.

Check out the CLAUDIA GRAF OFFICIAL SITE and you will see she’s been praised effusively for her rather dark role in “Iris”. Can’t wait to see her in “How To Disappear Completely” which looks like another gloomy project that threads on the mundaneness of existence and solitude. Claudia plays a beautiful woman who comes into the life of a loner and may just set his world on fire! She does exude sexiness and coupled with her abilitity to take on strong roles, Claudia is growing into a talent we should keep tabs on…:)

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