Santa Barbara Film Festival Spotlight: Indie Princess Erin Buckley

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Raven-haired goddess Erin Buckley is beguiling from the oft and it’s a given to hold a certain fondness for her. If you’re at the Santa Barbara Film Fest, watch Erin in “Chrysalis”, the short film about a 15 year old girl Riley who is forced into sex slavery by her uncle. It is a heinous crime that’s plaguing our world right now and “Chrysalis” is making its own statement in the face of its prickly yet shocking subject matter. While we already know she’s gorgeous on the big and small screen, even on the third screen aka mobile devices, the deliciously striking ERIN captivates our hearts. Netizens will be familiar with her work on “Devanity” which has been praised as a delightfully depraved soap on the web. She plays Jackie Devanity who is indeed attractive but also happens to be a little mental in the hit series. Viewers flocked in droves as they lapped up the bitchiness and took them on a wild ride. I’m sure Season 4 is going to be a heavily followed event!

A writer,producer,filmmaker and teaching artist, ERIN is a well-rounded performer who started her craft at the tender age of 7 which is amazing! To find out more about this lovely brunette, drop by the ERIN BUCKLEY OFFICIAL SITE. Her reel showcases some of her more flirty moments and she can certainly do sex appeal! With the screening of “Chrysalis” this Friday and Sunday, there will be plenty of eyes on Erin. This could be the beginnings of a favorable 2014 in the horizon for the vivacious Erin Buckley…:)

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