Sizzling Cutie: Elizabeth Hirsch-Tauber

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With her lovely effervescent smile, Elizabeth Hirsch-Tauber appeals to the heart in the most fetching of ways. Her short film “A New Leaf” is screening at the Dam Short Film Festival in Boulder City Nevada which runs from 12 to 16th Feb 2014. Elizabeth has the lead role of Sam, a grocery store employee with designs to be at the very top. Her path to success runs into complications when she starts to question her ambitions after an old cowboy comes into her life. Got to love the film’s tagline: ‘Life Decisions Currently Out Of Stock’. So will audiences adore Elizabeth’s performance where she starts off being the power hungry bad girl but gets the chance to redeem herself.

Watch her in the web series “Heartbreak High, USA” as the innocent Katie Reed, the perfect sort of innocent but also totally slutty girl. She has a thing for the New Guy in school who so happens to be seen at all times as a Clown! This could be one of the most dysfunctional onscreen couple yet but as they say opposites attract and so typical of the Valentine’s mood that’s permeating in the air this week. Many will come to appreciate the funny moments thanks to the praiseworthy writing of Elizabeth. She does have the delicate charm ala Emmy Rossum that seems to be perpetually youthful. Time to start showering the sweet Elizabeth with your affection for she is very much lovable…:)

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