Sizzling Cutie: Carly Reeves

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When they say Gentlemen prefer blondes they would certainly do a double take after watching the gorgeous Carly Reeves. She has such a vivaciously sweet face to light up any room, space and of course onscreen. If you’ve seen Megan Hilty channeling bubbly ebullience on TV likewise on the web, Carly is all positive spirited-ness. Also she does have the sexy curves just like Megan, exquisiteness I say! No wonder love is in the air and it is apt that this year’s Valentine’s Day, the spotlight is on Carly for she’s one of the stars of the successful web series “Broken At Love”. With 2 nominations at the upcoming Indie Series Awards, creator and leading lady Karolina Sivas has hit the right notes with her take on having a celebrity crush and all the complications that comes with it. Carly plays Olivia, the best friend of Karolina’s character Vivi who is a confidante on all things related to Vivi’s love life. She is a shoulder to cry and is there to be supportive of her gal pal. If that’s a representation of love between friends than Valentine’s Day would be more than just a day for romantic couples.

Besides getting ready for the busy pilot season, Carly will be doing a play at the Santa Monica playhouse in April called “Turning Thirty”. Her work in theater is extensive which includes the hit “A Midsummer’s Night Dream”. Her other projects in the past included the feature film “Larry Crowne” where she interacted with one Mr Tom Hanks. Now there’s one hit-maker anyone in the world would be so lucky to be in a project with…:) Carly may yet get her own show in good time where we’ll get to watch her week in and week out.

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