Rising Starlet: Nicole Elliott

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Her blue eyes hold a certain mystique as much as they are mesmerizing which is why audiences will come to adore Nicole Elliot. The blossoming actress from Austin Texas is on her way up especially since she’s in the upcoming cult thriller “Where the Devil Hides”. She will appear as Hannah, one of five girls born on the same day in the small village of New Bethlehem and who mysteriously vanish after turning 18. The cast is a delectable group with Nicole starring alongside “The Vampire Diaries” Leah Pipes and “Reign” leading lady Aussie actress Adelaide Kane. These are all beautiful talents who have carved successful careers and Nicole could well be joining their ranks. Her choice of roles are intriguing with films such as “Lars The Emo Kid” and the soon to be released “Helen Alone” going beyond the boundaries of conventionality. From the fascinating trailer (above) it has shades of “Suburgatory” but way darker and weirder! As the nature of films is a fluid one, things are constantly in a flux and everything is constantly changing. But one can take a guess in the role of Heather, Nicole is playing a friend of titular character Helen (Alexis Raich) who gets her out of trouble.

“Lars The Emo kid” is almost ready and Nicole has tons of praises for the director who has really taken the time to make the film the best quality possible. After “Helen Alone”, she has the horror flick “Doll Factory” which is about possessed baby dolls. As mentioned before, Nicole is in a collection of movies that’s gonna excite plenty of people.

2 thoughts on “Rising Starlet: Nicole Elliott

  1. Amazing to see how much you have grown up. I’m so glad to have known you, Nicole. Never stop doing what makes you happy.

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