Rising Starlet: Shavon Kirksey

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A celebration of the enchanting talents of young actress Shavon Kirksey is due and she’s well on her way to be a future star. Shavon can be seen in the new NBC series “Crisis” as Sloan Yarrow, one of the youths taken hostage by a criminal mastermind. Seemingly the target of kidnap because of their influential parents, nothing is what it seems in this conspiracy-laden thriller of a TV series. While we’ve only scratched the surface of her character Sloan, expect the tension to ramp up as the first season progresses starting March 16th. Will she and the other innocent victims find a way out of their predicament?

Back in 2011, she caught the eye as a beautiful assistant in her 20s who goes off in search of breakfast for her boss in a McDonald’s commercial. She went to appear in films such as “Dragonball: Evolution” and the indie horror flick “Boggy Creek” with several guest spots on hit TV shows. “Stalked At 17” was also in another movie as Tenaya, the voice of reason for her friend Angela (Taylor Spreitler) who made some seriously bad life choices namely an abusive boyfriend. Keep your eyes peeled for Shavon in “It’s Dark Here”, the emotional true story of Jason Tennies, an immensely talented young man who suddenly deteriorates into schizophrenia to the shock of his loving parents. This is one of the more moving roles she’s taken on with some tear inducing moments. Her potential is limitless and with the hard work she’s put it to hone her craft, it’s time for Shavon to establish herself. This is one cutie who could genuinely be making waves in 2014.

One thought on “Rising Starlet: Shavon Kirksey

  1. I’m so very proud of Shavon!!! I have seen some of her, on screen work. I’ve not seen her in person, since the mid-90’s..I wish you all the luck in the world..Love ya

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