Sizzling Cutie: Anna Lakomy

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Just like the British Invasion, it’s the Blonde Invasion in entertainment and Anna Lakomy could soon be adored by the masses. She’s taken up the mantle of onscreen seductress a few times and while one may see Anna as a sexy figure, she’s often peppered her characters with edginess. Take for example, the controversial PSA about domestic violence which she had a major part of a bride. The hook was to use women’s bodies to raise awareness to important social issues and with her sensual curves, she’ll have us remembering the intended message that spousal abuse is rife. I love how she push the boundaries to get the point across and sex can sell, in this case raise concerns about the plight of women. Anna has proven her substance as an actress by producing a short film “Brave Little Soldier” in which she stars as an elite female soldier who comes back from Afghanistan with a dark secret. The goal of the film was to raise awareness of social issues in the military, namely sexual violence against women. Isn’t it great to see her merge her two passions, art and activism by creating such personal tales. I can vouch she’s indeed a beautiful soul and her support for me is priceless.


As the photo (above) shows, in the last year Anna worked opposite Gerard Depardieu in “Welcome to New York” which is directed by Abel Ferrara. This drama will most likely be screen at Cannes in 2014 and will be a must-see. It’s about the rise and fall of the French economist Dominique Strauss-Kahn who was accused of raping a hotel maid on his visit to NYC. Anna plays Depardieu’s young female aide and will no doubt create plenty of buzz for her. Riding on this theme of sleaze, Anna is currently writing a feature length screenplay called “Sugar Baby” about a NY law student who enters a mutually beneficial arrangement with an older gentleman that ultimately comes at too high of a price. She hopes to star in this film and to shed light on an interesting social phenomenon, the sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship, in which young women exchange their companionship for material goods. These arrangements are on the rise as the economy continues to struggle. Now there’s a story worth telling and Anna has the ability to take this character to the dark side. Filmmakers are already seeing something more in Anna and her qualities that go beyond being just a pretty face.

What better than to keep up with this burgeoning starlet at the ANNA LAKOMY OFFICIAL SITE. It’s no secret that I adore fetching blondes such as Anna and so should you…:)

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