Canadian Vixen: Natalie Krill

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Natalie Krill is a rising starlet who would have many saying “I Heart Her” when they have a glimpse of how photogenic she is, making her such a beautiful enchanter. Impeccably ravishing with lovely morsels of sweetness and she really is on every photo I’ve seen, the impending ardor for her may just be about to reach fever pitch. She’s appearing in the new medical drama “Remedy” as the saucy Natasha who opens the premiere episode this week with a leg massage. She’s a dancer, the girlfriend of ex-drug addict Griffin Conner (Dillon Casey) who’s gonna stir up some trouble, as if his family isn’t already dysfunctional enough! Slowly the “upstairs/downstairs” mentality of the health care profession reveals itself as this drama has all the makings of a Downton Abbey-like tale with the comic melodrama in the vein of “House”. Can’t wait to discover the evolution of Natalie’s feisty character Natasha and as the trailer (above) shows she’s not afraid to get her claws out!

Television has certainly been the platform where Natalie has been making a delectable impression, appearing in “Rookie Blue, “Suits” and “Saving Hope”. Season 5 of the hit series “The Listener” will also see Natalie as Forensics technician Alex Kendrick who joins the IIB team and immediately becomes a love interest. Fans of “The Listener” are likely to follow suit in having the hots for Natalie in her new role and for me, I’m so stoked that Canadian shows are being screened across Asia. She joins the endless bevy of gorgeous and accomplished women who have been on “The Listener” led by Lauren Lee Smith who plays Sgt. Michelle McCluskey. Natalie is living proof of there should be in existence an “Addicted To Canadian Actresses” appreciation club. Anyone one to start it with me?

In an interview when she was asked which talent she would most like to have, Natalie responded by saying how she aspires to be a respected and serious actress, taking her acting to a higher level. Her trait of being driven in everything she does augurs well for her desire of fulfilling her dreams to be a thespian. She is the epitome of being more than just a pretty face, beauty and substance roll into one, someone who has the dedication needed for success.

Enough reason to make your way to the NATALIE KRILL OFFICIAL SITE and be entranced by this amazing young lady.

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