Indie Queen: Jan Haley

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It is the awards season in full swing and Jan Haley should be celebrated for appearing in “This is Martin Bonner” which won the John Cassavettes award at The Independent Spirit Awards 2014 only a few days ago. She plays Angela Helms, the wife of straight-minded Christian counselor (Robert Longstreet) who is one of the central figures in the life of the titular character Martin, a lost soul. You can watch a snippet of one of her scenes here on IMDB: It’s easy to see why her handle on Twitter is @starjan for she has an ebullience about her. The euphoria over the Oscars has certainly not overshadowed the other award shows and the intriguing depth of the nominated films are a boon for audiences. Congrats should also go out to Director Chad Hartigan and Cherie Saulter for creating such a beautiful story about the dreaded middle age crisis. Being part of an award-winning indie film would no doubt put Jan on the radar of persons of influence and lead to even more roles. It’s great that mature actresses such as Jan are given the license to delve into some great character development. The depiction of women across age groups is important as this would be on a realistic plane for any plot.

Jan is also a great voice-over artist and she is best remembered as Wendy, the maid to the Cranes in NBC’s Passion during its run on TV. Having done her fair share of commercials and billboards for Casinos in the state of Nevada, she has stuck in the minds of many people. The indie film world may just be the avenue for her to keep dazzling us both as a beauty and a confident, accomplished entertainer.

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