SXSW 2014 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Tracee Chimo

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Tracee Chimo is a buzzworthy talent on Stage, Film and TV, the impeccable versatility she has depicted in all 3 mediums being the very essence of her appeal. If there’s one actress deserving of veneration at this year’s SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas then the gifted Tracee is a vision of enchantment that will endear her to the masses. Just like Amy Adams, she may have started humbly, having been cast as a prostitute with the her character’s name being ‘Woman of the stairs’, her time in the limelight has surely now arrived. Last year, she nabbed a plum role as Neri Feldman who is an underwater welder and an advocate of nature in the hit NetFlix series “Orange Is The New Black”. She followed that up with an appearance on “The Good Wife” and worked with Chris Hemsworth in the new movie “Cyber”. 2014 is another big year for her having been cast in the Leslie Bibb comedy “Take Care” about a woman who comes home from the hospital after a car accident and discovers she has no one to take care of her! The SXSW premiere of “Take Care” happens on 7th March and we can expect Tracee to be intriguing yet again. She does have enough of persuasive quirkiness to keep us hooked! I love that she was in “He’s Way More Famous Than You” with Halley Feiffer, both of whom I don’t mind being mesmerized for days.

Being part Albanian and part Italian, she also has the European elegance to compliment her impressive performances. In fact, she’s garnered rave reviews as the relentless Daphna Feigenbaum in the entertaining play “Bad Jews” who is dead set on retrieving a Holocaust memento. The signature big hair she had must have been a topic of avid discussion as is her ability to shine in the skin of a variety of personalities. Remember that she’s not Jewish yet audiences connected with her depiction of a strong-willed Jewish young woman with a rather aggressive streak. She is that good and Tracee is tipped to be highly fancied, on her way to achieving much popularity. She has even starred in a play with David Duchovny which goes to show Tracee has some pulling power. Her relatable features while understated must surely be the spark for fandom as we see a little bit of ourselves in her. I actually still owe her an interview and she has been ever so nice about it, so best be working on that soon! It’s time you become earnestly ecstatic for the amazing Tracee Chimo too!

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