SXSW 2014 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Anna Shields

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The gorgeous Anna Shields belongs in that pantheon of performers that viewers will find they’re addicted to at a moment’s notice. She is the dazzling leading lady of “Little Bi Peep” that will have you saying Yes Please, all thanks to her amazingly enthralling performance. Check out the video (above) of Anna talking about her character Emma who works as a porn shop video clerk! She mesmerizes from the very start and you’ll be amazed that she wears many hats on “Little Bi Peep” as screenwriter, co-director, co-producer as well as the star. This endearing comedy has already garnered four awards in the Atlantic City Cinefest with Anna nabbing the award for Best Actress Feature Comedy. Currently being shipped around at other festivals and up for distribution deals, she’s on her way to be a darling around the world. It is screening at RxSM which is part of SXSW and dedicated to edgy, boundary-expanding storytelling that falls well outside of the mainstream. Kudos to actresses like Anna who is the captivating face driving this delightful offbeat love story. You can already guess the “Bi” in the title means she’s playing a bisexual. Not your typical romantic tale I might add as Emma is quite the promiscuous tart, sleeping around with both men and women while hiding her true identity as a sex toy peddler. Her costumes throughout are a visual pleasure as she’s decked out in fetishwear such as a nurse getup among other jailbait garb. She also harbors a dark side with some serious attitude which Anna brings out so potently. I liken her as having the raw magnetism of Portia De Rossi and the sweet dream girl qualities in the vein of Sara Paxton as she is the beguiling spirit of “Little Bi Peep”.

Anna has unveiled to me she has a few upcoming projects, the most exciting one is a supporting role in a feature film directed by Ari Gold, (director of “Adventures of Power”), starring Robert Sheehan and Rory Culkin. She also has two episodes of a show called “The Haunting Of” in production, although the television air date of those, and her own movie is yet unknown. What is likely is that many will be having plentiful crushes on the delectable Anna this year and beyond. This blog is about obsessing over actresses and what better than having Ms Anna Shields gracing it as she’s is a perfect representation of a multi-talented enchanter.

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