Sizzling Cutie: Katie McClellan

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Expressively fetching, blue-eyed beauty Katie McClellan is likely to be on the radar of viewers in the coming weeks. Having earned rave reviews in numerous stage productions which include some of her favorite such as Bec in 4,000 Miles and Annie in Over the Tavern, television could be the next platform where she garners more plaudits. With the second episode of the new series “Believe” just screened, viewers can get a glimpse of Katie as Lilah Leeds who is on Team Bo Adams. She is part of the group assembled by Winter (played by Delroy Lindo) whose sole purpose is to see that the mystically gifted Bo doesn’t end up as an instrument of war. We’ve only scratch the surface in regards to Bo’s powers (calling mass of pigeons, telekinesis) and who knows what else she can conjure up as the season progresses. What is confirmed is that Katie’s role as Lilah is a recurring one and her contribution to Bo’s cause is a plot line many can’t wait to see unfold. It’s time we give credit to Katie for landing the part in “Believe”, all the hard work she went through (which we may not notice) to achieve her goal is indicative of a driven actress who should be lauded.

You only have to visit the KATIE MCCLELLAN OFFICIAL SITE to read up on the praises the media have bestowed on her. Katie consistently breathes life in the roles she’s essayed thus far, giving them the emotional depth that’s authentic and much adored. Earlier in the year, she also guest-starred on the rapidly growing network Investigation Discovery series “RedRum” where we follow the flow of murder in backwards fashion to discover the true motive of the crime. Katie could well be dazzling TV Land for quite some time and with it a rise in her profile…:)

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