LAweb Fest 2014 Spotlight: Digital Vixen Jessica Osgood

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Jessica Osgood is a blossoming actress who is turning heads on the online world with her impressively honest performances. She is one of the stars of teen drama “Youthful Daze” which delves into the complicated world of the privileged at Westfield Prep. Jessica plays Mallorie, a formidable and wealthy young lady who happens to be the best friend of the central character Drew Castle (Bryan James who is also the series creator). We do love our stories about the angst of youth and to have that in webisode form is a guilty pleasure. Even after years since “The OC” ended its run, the song “California” is still prevalent in my mind and “Youthful Daze” which is set in Southern California channels that very spirit of teenagers in bad situations. One can sense Jessica’s Mallorie is all that, blessed with the riches in life yet she is the one with everything to lose. There’s even a little wickedness ala “Cruel Intentions” permeating with every episode but it delivers on the storytelling which is driven by the good-looking cast. Be reminded that “Cruel Intentions” did have a cutie in the form of Reese Witherspoon and Jessica herself is similarly petite with a memorable appeal.

Fans will be able to see more of the comely Jessica as there will be selected episodes screening on March 27 at LAwebFest 2014 as well as the Season 2 premiere which starts on March 30. Visit and check out photos of the cast including some new additions. As the say The Drama is just beginning! Who knows we might just see a “Youthful Daze” movie some day with the help of Veronica Mars-like crowdsourcing and with a worldwide fan base an endless admiration for the enchanting Miss Jessica Osgood.

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