LAweb Fest 2014 Spotlight: Foxy Femme Vanelle

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Channeling a sensuality that’s certain to entice, model/actress/writer/director Vanelle undeniably belongs in the desirable list of watchable talents. She stars as Cat Nips in “The Super Femmes”, the web series celebrating the powers wielded by special ladies who are the protectors of the citizens in “The City”. Working alongside her leader Smash Mistress, they hunt down criminals and you (if you haven’t watch “The Super Femmes”) as she jokingly alludes at the end of the awesome behind the scenes segment (above). Dare you ask her last name and if you do that already creates a mystique about her. What’s clearer is that skin-tight bodice she dons in “The Super Femmes” accentuates all her curves and Catwoman (the Anne Hathaway version) might just have some competition. With “The Super Femmes” steeped in comic book lore, the feline Catwoman must have inspired the creation of Cat Nips but this is no carbon copy. Vanelle makes her own mark, ensuring Cat Nips is feisty yet identifiable as a heroine girls want to grow up to be. “The Super Femmes” will be screening at the LAweb Fest from March 27 so make sure you don’t miss Vanelle kick ass with a sultriness to remember!

Keep you eyes fixated on her in the upcoming horror flick “Nevermore” where she’s part of the cast of amazing actors which includes Lance Henriksen and Valerie Azlynn. This is a haunted house story where the dead make themselves known but with a twist when the occupants discover something even more nefarious! While she’s been active in the horror genre and of course proving to be a ravishing vision, Vanelle is adept at handling diverse roles. With the fun personality that she has in abundance, her fan base is bound to grow as they fall under the spell of the mesmerizing Vanelle be it on film or the web…:)

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