Indie Darlings To Crave @ Atlanta Film Festival 2014

1. Hannah Fierman in “The Unwanted”


– The bewitching presence of Hannah is enough reason to go and catch the “The Unwanted” as she returns to her riveting roots having been so memorable previously in “V/H/S”.
– She plays temperamental waitress Laura who enters into a sexual dalliance with ‘Carmilla,’ a young drifter (Christen Orr) seeking answers for her mother’s disappearance.
– Everything about Hannah is of a distinctive flavor, from her eclectic choice of roles to her enigmatic features, making her potently desirable.

2. Misty Upham in “Without Fire”


– Easily one of the nicest actresses on the planet, Misty Upham is a name everyone should be talking about with eye-catching turns in “August: Osange County” and “Jimmy P”.
– I just read an interview where she reveals her acting style is called energy acting, drawing on the spiritual to convey feelings. She’s thoroughly fascinating!
– She stars in “Without Fire” based on the true story of a young Navajo girl who invented a solar-powered heater to save her asthmatic mother.

3. Thia Schuessler in “Housesitter”


– She plays Amy, a bored housesitter taken hostage by a wanted fugitive in “Housesitter” which she also co-wrote, directed and produced.
– The trailer for “Housesitter” has not been posted but you’ll still be captivated by the video (above) of Thia swimming which is taken from her previous short “Clear Blue”.
– For those with a weakness for cherubic blondes with a lovable factor, Thia is a charming actress with loads of promise.

4. Cadden Jones in “Stay Home”


– Cadden is at her mesmerizing best as a mother and assassin in the short film “Stay Home” who gets a familial surprise that might get in the way of her job as a killer.
– With her noteworthy appearances in film, television and theatre, Cadden is a sweetheart we won’t mind watching on 3 different mediums.
– She was recently on television guest-starring in an episode of “Law And Order: SVU”.

5. Amanda Bauer in “Forev”


– Amanda’s take as the quirky character Jess in the road trip comedy “Forev” is both believable and accessibly pleasing.
– “Forev” and her previous film “The Myth of the American Sleepover” are two must-see films driven by Amanda’s sterling performances.
– This is one young lady who may just become an addictive watch and be regarded as being a desire of one’s heart.

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