Phoenix Film Fest 2014 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Annika Peterson

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Annika Peterson is elegance personified and has been called an actress with a cool quotient. Watch her in “Mutual Friends” (which screens at this year’s Phoenix Film Fest) with its multiple engaging storylines that has its share of funny moments. This is truly one gorgeous ensemble of actresses with the ravishing Annika joining Caitlin FitzGerald (of Masters Of Sex fame), British Vixen Christina Cole and indie darling Jennifer Lafleur. Annika plays Adele who is being stalked by her suspicious husband Sammy (Ross Partridge) who is adamant that she may be having an affair. Sammy is the brother of Liv (Caitlin FitzGerald) the central figure who brings together her close-knit group of friends for a surprise party. Things of course don’t go as planned and emotions start running high among even the best of pals.

While her next feature is the thriller “Blackline: The Beirut Contract” directed by Sundance winner Christian Johnston, she’s also finished filming Scott Frank’s “A Walk Among The Tombstones” opposite none other than action star Liam Neeson. This year, she’s just appeared on the hit show “Elementary” and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that she was in “Tanner Hall” alongside Brie Larson, one of my idols. She played a fashionable mum Olga and seeing Annika strutting her stuff on the red carpet we already see she’s quite the stylish lady. 2014 could be the very year we see her rise as an actress viewers will adore!

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