Must Love Sweethearts @ Dallas International Film Fest 2014

1. Farah White in “About Mom & Dad…”, “The Ladies Of The House” and “Flutter”

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– With 3 films screening at this year’s Dallas International Film Fest, the luscious Farah White is bound to be an addiction for attendees.
– First up, she plays Teri the mom in “About Mum And Dad…” who after a betrayal by her husband proceeds to vent her anger with the use of a sledgehammer!
– Next she stars in “The Ladies Of The House” which tells of four sexy femme fatales who happen to be cannibals and are the personification of pure terror.
– The film “Flutter” will see Farah in a supporting role in what is a heartwarming drama of a mother (Lindsay Pulsipher) and her undying love for her son.

2. Katy Rowe in “About Mom & Dad”


– Voluptuous sweetheart Katy Rowe first turn heads as a flirty cheerleader in the cult slasher “Spirit Camp”!
– She too will appear in “About Mum And Dad…” and this film could certainly create a level of admirable exposure for Katy.
– Some may see her as a babe but she’s one lady who can shine when it comes to the comedy genre.

3. Cassie Shea Watson in “Flutter”

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– Gorgeous Cassie will appear in “Flutter” as Natalie, the neurotic sister of Lindsay Pulsipher’s character JoLynn.
– If ever you needed proof of the hotness of women from Texas, Cassie is the perfect example of femininity and fascination.
– Her upcoming feature will see her thread the horror genre with the paranormal thriller “The Last Word” that’s based on a true story being a must watch!

4. Stacy Jorgensen in “Tryouts”

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– Catch Stacy in the short film “Tryouts” which explores the inevitable chasm so often seen between Western and Islamic cultures.
– On top of being an indie starlet, Stacy is truly supportive of the independent scene which is something to be cherished.
– She’s also strutted her stuff on the red carpet at Cannes in support for her films and with that beautiful smile, we hope to see more of her elegance.

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