Foxy Femmes Sizzling Up Phoenix Film Fest 2014

Nicole Laliberte & Ashlynn Yennie in “Fractured (aka Schism)”

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– Get addicted to Nicole Laliberte as she seduces your eyes as femme fatale Marlena in the noirish flick “Fractured”. She beguiles with such free spiritedness, you’ll be entranced!
– Not only does Ashlynn Yennie go full frontal for her role as Brandy in “Fractured”, she’s every bit as inviting as the girlfriend of Callum’s Blue tortured character Dylan White.
– Here are 2 ladies who are riveting in every role they’ve done (some controversial, some shocking) and 2014 is the year they plant themselves firmly as our obsession.

Katerina Mikailenko, Alexandra Fatovich & Stephanie Tobey in “The Shower”

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– Sultry Katerina Mikailenko plays Kim the dream girl who just dumped her boyfriend in “The Shower”. Things soon descent into mayhem when a mysterious illness breaks out.
– As the former Prom Queen Sara, Alexandra Fatovich and her husband are young parents thrust into a fight for survival as homicidal maniacs are borne out of the illness.
– The always inviting Stephanie Tobey appears as Beth, the assistant to an actress agent in “The Shower”, the horror comedy she also produced.
– That’s 3 up and coming indie sweethearts with their own brand of delightful appeal who are on their way to win our hearts.

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