Sexy Sweethearts to Adore @ Palm Beach International Film Fest 2014

1. Nadine Crocker in “Platonic Solid”


– From the time viewers laid eyes on her in the horror comedy “Some Guy Who Kills People”, the photogenic Nadine has been turning heads consistently as a screen temptation.
– Her sizzling pics on Arsenic Magazine: proves she’s a stunning minx with some serious avant-garde fashion forwardness.
– Catch her as Cameron, the lesbian lover of the protagonist Madison (Melinda Stephan) in “Platonic Solid”. Madison’s failed heterosexual relationship leads her to the arms of Cameron.

2. Julianne Michelle in “Awakened”


– Her riveting performance in “Awakened” as the fragile Samantha Winston who returns home to a disturbing past will undoutably install her as a desirable talent.
– She’s already won “Best Actress” Audience Choice Awards for her lead role in “Awakened” at the NYC Indie Film Festival and this doe-eyed beauty is likely to garner even more awards.
– Julianne gravitates towards character-driven features no matter the genre and for her to delve into the complexity of emotions is to be appreciated.

3. Andrea Grano in “BFFs”


– Not only is Andrea one of the leads in the feel-good comedy “BFFs”, she’s also the producer/writer of what is a clever tale of friendship that could also be love.
– With such a likable and captivating face, Andrea is one hottie we don’t mind watching multiple times as well as wanting to have her as your BFF!
– This year, she’s already guest-starred on the new TV series “Intelligence” as a Department of Defense rep.

4. Lucie Guest in “That Burning Feeling”


– An up and coming comedian, Lucie has the sassy, foxy nature to make us laugh and stir our loins at the same time.
– She has a supporting role in “That Burning Feeling” which is about a womanizer who contracts VD and has to inform all his former flings!
– “The Town That Came A-Courtin” is the upcoming romantic comedy in which she stars as the publicist of Lauren Holly’s character and this is a feature that could see her star shine brightly.

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