Indie Darlings To Crave @ Charleston Film Festival 2014

1. Suziey Block in “If We Were Adults”


– It seems like everything that Suziey touches turns to gold and her buzzworthy performance in “If We Were Adults” has endeared herself to audiences.
– Kudos to Suziey for winning Best Actress at the THE LOS ANGELES COMEDY FESTIVAL as the spirited Izzy who gets married in a drunken stupor and finds it’s not a bed of roses.
– 2014 is the year she dazzles on the horror scene with thrilling features namely “The Pact II”, “House Of Darkness” and “American Mummy”. Scream Queen Cometh!

2. Elisabetta Fantone in “Coffee Date”


– A temptress from head to toe, Elisabetta is easily one of Canada’s Sex Symbols and she compliments her sheer sexiness with a myriad of artistic talents.
– She’s already sizzled in several episodes of “The Glades”, been thoroughly eye-catching as a Cuban dancer in “Havana 57” and is appearing in the romantic short “Coffee Date”.
– There is a consensus that Elisabetta continually re-invents herself and we’re waiting to see what other welcome surprises she has for us in the coming months.

3. Marion Kerr in “Far”


– One of the most magical actresses whom we are lucky to able to appreciate, Marion has consistently been bewitching on and behind the camera.
– She recently won Outstanding Series in a Comedy & Outstanding Ensemble in a Comedy for the web series “Misdirected” which stars Lauren Mora at this year’s LA Web Fest.
– She will tug at your hearts in the short film “Far” as the enchanting Hannah who is equally sweet as she is an enigma waiting to unfold.

4. Alex Lombard in “Sophie”


– She writes,directs and stars in the psychological thriller “Sophie” that’s about taking risks when it comes to love.
– It takes an actress with beguiling essence to play a mysterious love interest and with those piercing green eyes, Alex is without a doubt an enchantress.
– With her multiple talents and several high profile roles to come, she’s being touted as being the next big thing which is richly deserved.

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