8 Sizzling Sweethearts @ BareBones International Film Fest 2014

1. Terissa Kelton


– The indie starlet to watch at the 2014 edition of BareBones Film Fest with Terissa dazzling in 3 features that will see her in distinctly enchanting roles.
– First up is “3 References” where she plays Kelly, a former flame of a man who now has eyes on another but has to face his past misdeeds with his exes.
– With “Werebitch Meets the Sexy Ass Creature from the Black Lagoon” and “Goin’ Guerrilla” also screening at Barebones, that’s triple the viewing pleasure for fans of Terissa.

2. Susana Gibb


– In the heart-stopping “Suburbanite”, Susana plays the wife of a family man who will do anything to protect the ones he love.
– Her free-spirited portrayal of a pregnant, ex-stripper trophy wife in the indie drama “The Other Side of Paradise” garnered a Best Supporting Actress nomination.
– Well zombie movies are right now just phenomenal and you can catch Susana in the upcoming zombie slaying actioner Daylight’s End!

3. Johanna Goldsmith


– Johanna plays Rebecca in “Jon” who provides a listening ear to a shy computer engineer who also happens to be a sociopathic killer.
– This quintessential Texas Bombshell has even graced Time magazine and the front page of The New York Times.
– I have to thank Johanna for she managed to get me Nicole Kidman’s signed autograph from the time she doubled for her in the movie “Trespass” with Nicolas Cage.

4. Natalie Wilemon


– She’s in a supporting role in the comedy “Goin Guerilla” which focuses on a screenwriter seeking to be different by making a WWII romantic epic he wrote in college.
– A photogenic hottie and delectable vision, Natalie hails from Kansas but is currently winning admirers all over Austin, Texas.
– If you love “The Descent” then watch Natalie fight for survival when she gets trapped in a network of underground caves in the horror flick “The Underneath”

5. Maya Boudreau


– There’s a lot mesmeric going on with the luscious Maya and she exudes all of it in the quirky romantic drama “Wild Blue”.
– Great to see her excelling in complex female characters and the film world does need more stories centered on women for us to enjoy.
– Look out for Maya in “Jessica” as a woman who views her life as a lost cause and this film may just affirm her status as a indie darling on the rapid rise.

6. Gina Travis


– Who knew a redneck gal can be so sophisticated! The beautiful Gina does shine as Bubba Girl in the micro short “Bubba’s Backwood Bacon Brew”
– The Southern accent she employs is just irresistible and she’s vivacious from head to toe making Gina an addiction for many I reckon.
– She’s taken on some fascinating female roles in her years as an actress and this appealing blonde just keeps getting hotter.

7. Brie Mattson


– Brie has everything you would want in a youthful talent, a cuteness with some really sexy curves and she can be seen in the offbeat comedy “Highway 15”.
– We all know actresses with the name Brie be it the first or last have smoldering good looks and Brie has beauty in abundance.
– She’s been on several hit shows such as NCIS and Parenthood. Let’s hope she gets her own show to foster the enchantment she can easily wield.

8. Rosa Nichols


– In the comedy of errors “Damage-Joy: sha-den-froi-da”, Rosa is the director, writer and actress of this tale of a single mom seeking advice on the net to end her pain.
– Not only is she captivating from first glance, Rosa has the exotic multi-ethnic features that makes her such a magnet for fondness.
– I can’t thank her enough for sending photos of herself embodying the Brigitte Bardot look and being curvaceous she is as delectable as Brigitte in her heyday.

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