BareBones Film Fest 2014 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Heidi Kerring

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Love is the air when darlings such as Heidi Kerring have the desirable trait we know as delicate lusciousness. From her early start in theatre, Heidi is gaining a foothold in the independent arena as well as on the web. She stars in “Sad Writers” as a journalist who is critical of the so-called interesting existence of a novelist with the two at loggerheads on their lifestyle choices. Because short films are much more condensed, we are often invested in the storylines, hence the term short and sweet. If being adorable is how we form our liking for someone then Heidi would easily appeal to your inclination. Heidi has told me that ‘Sad Writers’ is up for best dramatic short at this year’s Barebones International Film Fest so let’s wish her best of luck! A shout out to film festivals that’s been popping up this April for giving actresses such as the fetching Heidi a widespread platform to shine.

She’s just joined the cast of the popular web series “Youthful Daze” and with one of the episodes she’s in being “Cruel Intentions”, expect Heidi to add some spice to proceedings. She also has a huge project in 20014 up in the works and details will be made known soon enough. She also recently started her own business: which aims to assist parents who need their talented child to be taken care of while they’re auditioning. What an amazing concept!

Remember to drop by the HEIDI KERRING OFFICIAL SITE for the most recent updates on this beautiful young lady.

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