Tribeca Film Festival 2014 Spotlight: Foxy Femme Amelia Burstyn

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Model/Actress Amelia Burstyn is incredibly alluring and while she may be just blossoming in the film industry, we already can’t wait to be fascinated by her. The James Franco starrer “Palo Alto” is the Tribeca feature (apparently based on his own hook-up stories) where audiences will get to watch Amelia. With the obvious choice of Emma Roberts, this dark drama of teen delinquency and forbidden romance has its fair share of lovely young ladies. Amelia may have a small role as one of the high schoolers in “Palo Alto” where she’s in a bunch of party scenes in the film but she’ll mesmerize all the same. Her character Mary also tends to hang around the popular girls. Channeling the sauciness in the vein of Olivia Wilde meets Maggie Q, the beguiling Amelia is a fascinating newcomer we will want to know more of. Plus check out the dreamy song at the 0.47′ mark from the trailer which had me playing on repeat. It’s perfectly married with the cut scenes from “Palo Alto” that speaks of the excesses of youth. This also includes the taboo subject of student/teacher relationships, a by-product of the confusing nature of wanton adolescence. Come April 24-26th at the screening, expect this to be a surefire hit with the indie community.

The big news for Amelia is she will be on the SyFy show “Defiance” returning to TV soon. The thrilling second season premieres in late spring and she’s just as excited (as we sci-fi fans will also be) to see herself playing an alien! She can be seen opposite Jamie Murray as a fellow Castithan, the pale-looking alien species who we know to be dangerously beautiful. Check her the Amelia’s Tumblr Site to catch a glimpse of her with her flowing silver locks and fascinating yellow eyes. Has she piqued your interest yet? I’m betting Amelia has already enraptured us.

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